Dr. Jaimila Neyon

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About Dr. Jaimila Neyon, DC


Dr. Jaimila Neyon is an uncommonly gifted and dedicated healer. Having been in practice since 1996, she is also well-seasoned in the art of treating each person with a gentle yet deep touch. She has been involved in holistic healing her entire life and becoming a chiropractor was the fulfillment of a life long vision.


Having grown up under the care of a family homeopath and chiropractor, she went on to study massage, herbology, nutrition, yoga and meditation. In addition to her rigorous chiropractic training she has participated in hundreds of seminar hours. As a contributing writer of health issues, she won an award for her article on Spinal Misalignment and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


Dr. Neyon was bestowed the honor of Magna Cum Laude. More importantly, Dr. Neyon has a deep connection to the life force and a love of passing her knowledge and compassion onto others so they too can lead healthier, happier and freer lives.

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